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Let your thoughts run wild. Feel the wind and be thirsty for nature, balance, sport. To be a rider. To love horses unconditionally, marvel each day which provides you with the fusional link that unites a person and an animal. Think first of all about the horse and its well-being, imagine the rider as an extension of it. Consider the horse as an athlete, as a friend. Define this intense relationship as a unique opportunity, a true lifestyle. And translate this passion through fashion.


Then, cross the obstacles and design a collection of equestrian equipment for sports enthusiasts. CUT EQUESTRIAN. Twist the established codes in a contemporary style. Imagine clothes and accessories to wear in all circumstances. CUT. Mingle with relevance, absolute comfort and elegance. Bring riding in a modern style, combining simple refinement and openness. CUT. Choose top quality materials for the manufacture of technical equipment but let in color and life over collections. CUT. Develop simple but valuable products respecting the horse. To offer sports riders essential pieces to live their passion serenely. CUT. And bring them luck in competitions. CUT TO GET LUCK.

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